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 The Rules and Regulations

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Colonel Midget


PostSubject: The Rules and Regulations   Fri Jul 31, 2009 11:59 am

As you all know, there are a few rules to follow in the team. Please read them carefully.

1. Stay a positive team member.
You should always try to help the team by doing whatever you can, even though you are not always rewarded.

2. No double tagging.
Unfortunately, once you have joined our team, we do not allow you to be a part of another clan/team. You can only be with us, or not.

3. Do not hack.
There is no tolerance for hacking. Once we have found out you are hacking, you are out.

4. No mic spamming.
It is annoying and it is not tolerable.

5. Wear the team tag.
Please always wear the tag to avoid confusion and show you are a part of the team. (Current tag : TeamĪ»sm || Example)

6. Be respectful to admins and fellow members.
Please be respectful. We do not want any fights within the team.

7. Don't do anything without a leader's permission.
Ask for permission first before doing things such as recruiting members or making another website.

8. Report hackers, spammers, rule breakers to Midget
Don't just give us a name. Give us their steam id too, and if possible, get a witness.

9 *Optional* Stay active on the forums.
This is an optional rule to follow. However keep in mind that this increases your chances of being chosen to be a moderator in the servers, site and forums, as it shows you know what is up to date and always trying to help.

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The Rules and Regulations
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